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2016/2017 Laguna Phuket Triathlon Official Photographer

At WTA EA Hua Hin Championship 2017

At WTA EA Hua Hin Championship 2017

I am a feature Professional Editorial Action Sports Photographer specializing in golf and triathlon photography. My work has appeared throughout Asia Newspapers, Sports Websites, and Magazines. I have worked with clients such as: Nike Southeast Asia, Bangkok Airways, Samsung (Thailand), Toyota (Thailand), Laguna Phuket, Thanyapura Phuket to named a few.


Thailand Photo Sea, Air, & Land (SEALs) Sports Photography


Hello, my name is Naratip "Golf" Srisupab, I am a feature Professional Editorial Action Sports Photographer originally from New York City and is now based in Thailand. My mission for each assignment is to tell a story behind every frame. In sports I have 1 shot, 1 instant to capture the iconic moment to make 1 frame. Before every event, I prepare, planned and pre-visualize the game or race, giving me the ultimate edge. Once game day arrives, the fun and chaos begins. In the midst of all the chaos it is my job to anticipate the moment and execute the perfect shot. 

During an editorial assignment, I edit, process, add captions and metadata, then upload/transmit the images. Speed and quality of images are two attributes that I prioritize in everything I do.   

Why did I name it Thailand Photo SEALs Sport Photography? Sports can be played at Sea, Air, and Land. I am organized, trained, and fully equipped to cover any sports event. Like the U.S Navy SEALs, I try to embody the following attributes: Physical Fitness, Heart, Attitude, Perseverance, Confident, Duty, Respect, Integrity, Courage, and last but not least Team Work. Whether I am behind the camera or not, I aspire to have all of these attributes in my everyday life.


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