SCG Muangthong takes on Buriram United

SCG Muangthong against rivalry Buriram United didn't have much going on until the 2nd Half. About 90 seconds into the 2nd Half, Buriram United Forward #60 Rafael Bastos had a penalty kick from inside half of the field. Bastos launched the ball with perfect trajectory and descent angle, SCG Muangthong goal keeper #1 Kawin couldn't even stopped it from going to the back of the net. Buriram Fan Club was loud and on their feet cheering for their team at the northwest corner of SCG Stadium. As the 2nd half continue, SCG Stadium was pretty seldom and need to get something going. It wasn't until the last 3 minutes of official game time, SCG Muangthong Tristan made an amazing pass to forward #77 Leandro Assumpcao heading the ball for the tying goal bringing SCG Stadium back to life.