SCG Muangthong vs Pattaya United

SCG Muangthong home game warm-up as Buriram pay Muangthongthani a visit next Sunday July 9th for the biggest rivalry match of the year. As the match started out slow without much going Pattaya United kept the pressure on SCG Muangthong making various attempt to score. Key players from both team, Pattaya #18 Milos Stojanovic and SCG Muangthong #77 Assumpcao came close to scoring in the 1st half. But it wasn't until the 2nd half, when SCG Muangthong head coach Tochtawan decided to bring in one of his key player Teerasil hoping to score. SCG Stadium gave him a standing ovation when he stepped onto the field. The night ended with Pattaya goal keeper went for a high jump and coming down hard on his right shoulder, the game pause for about 10 min while medical team checked on him. Overall it was a scoreless game but SCG Muangthong will have to amp up their game next Sunday when they go face to face with Buriram United.